As a Ryusuimon artist, Goh Shigetomi has had sole and group exhibitions all over the world.
CEO at Borong Co., Ltd. (
Flow of time, Flow of water
I have captured figures and images of ‘new-born’ water, which comes down from deep in the mountains following valleys. I use Sumi and Washi, black Ink and Japanese handmade paper, for my work. For past 28 years, I have been a friend with water and captured many images of water fairies, and I call them “Seisui Rumon”, or flowing pattern of clear water.
‘New-born’ water is full of infinite live force, and it flows to the ocean while it fosters zest for living of all the beings.
For 3.5 billion years, water has kept traveling between the sky and the earth with a period of 7 days. The water remembers every single thing which has happened on and around the earth. You can see the fragments of the memories in flows and movements of water as certain patterns.
“Seisui Rumon” would look like patterns of stone, growth of plants, or movements of animals. Flow of time is equivalent to succession of lives, as well as changes of substances. You can see those changes in “Seisui Rumon”. Patterns made by water are the expression of time which also flows like water.

1990-1993: Invited to Anthroposophical Society's world conference (Hague), and held exhibitions in Germany,Holland , etc.
1995-1998: Held exhibitions nationwide (Ginza,Tokorozawa, Matsuyama, Toyohashi, etd)
August 2000: Adopted at a memorial event of "Go-kaicho" (exhibition of a Buddhist image) at Kiyomizu Temple, Kyoko Japan, which is held every 33 years. Exhibited in Kyodo, which is designated as a nationally important cultural property.
2009: Published “Mizu wa Chiteki Seieitai dearu” (Fuun-sha)
“Kiyomizu Ryumon” Exhibition at Kiyomizu Temple, Kyoto.
2010: “Toki no nagare/ Mizu no Nagare ” Exhibition at Mitaka City Arts Center.
2011: A special exhibition is scheduled at Carrousel du Louvre, France, invited by Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts as an international guest artist.